Useful tips to help you clean your swimming pool

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Useful tips to help you clean your swimming pool
22 May

Useful tips to help you clean your swimming pool

Summer is just a few weeks away and by now, I am sure many people are working very hard to prepare their homes for the warm weather. Of course, you cannot forget the highlight of the season, the swimming pool. If you haven’t started cleaning your pool for the summer and are in need of direction, here are some pointers to get you on track:

Start by skimming the debris
Before you do anything else, take a moment to clear all of the debris floating inside your pool. A buildup of debris is a recipe for a clogged filter and other cleaning obstacles so before you get to cleaning the rest of your pool, start by removing all of the debris.

Take the time to shock treat your pool
Pool experts recommend you raise chlorine levels to a maximum of 15ppm to kill all of the harmful bacteria, organic matter, and algae that are collected in the pool when it is not being used or maintained. The best time to shock your pool is during the nighttime. This will give the chlorine enough time to work before it is burned off by the sun during the day. It’s also a lot safer to shock your pool when no one is swimming.

Vacuum clean your pool
Much like domestic cleaning, pool service requires a good vacuum to clear dirt and buildups. From my experience, a standard pool vacuum should cost about £200 but, if you want a high-tech tool that cleans even the most stubborn dirt then you can expect to spend up to £1500.

Do not neglect the filter
Perhaps the most important pointer on this list, cleaning your pool’s filter is non-negotiable. If you want to have a few problems with your swimming pool as possible then you need to take the time to clean your filter. Start by running the filter for up to 5 days until all of the dirt is cleared. During these 5 days, you need to take out all of the dirt collecting in the filter and return it until no dirt is being collected.

Taking the time to thoroughly clean your swimming pool is important if you want to enjoy your summer hassle-free. In the event that you are struggling to do the job, you can hire a local pool cleaning service to ensure everything is done smoothly.