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Why Ethical?

London Clean Professional is an environmentally friendly cleaning company with an ethical codex in greater London area. We are dedicated to provide you with friendly and respectful qualified cleaners that remain devoted to their work. How do we work to achieve these results?

  • We do value our employees and treat them with respect.
  • We do pay our employees fairly in order to make them motivated and committed to provide you with the highest cleaning standards of service.
  • We do provide them with Health and Safety quality assurance;
  • We do provide them with trainings about safe usage of cleaning procedures, products and eco-friendly practices;
  • Our insurance policy includes cover for accidental damages, theft, misuse, etc;

London Clean Proof is an ethical agency with a strong commitment to continuous environmental improvement and sustainable development. We aim to minimise our environmental impact through good management and by adopting business best practice and greener alternatives wherever possible, throughout our operations.

London Clean Proof is an active supporter of a range of environmental and ethical causes.