Useful tips for post-renovation cleaning

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Useful tips for post-renovation cleaning
19 Nov

Useful tips for post-renovation cleaning

Useful tips for post-renovation cleaning

Renovation is a long and quite dirty process. When it’s all said and done, you are bound to be left with a lot of dust, clutter and dirt on almost every surface in your home. Post-renovation cleaning is important and depending on how big the renovation project is, it might require a lot of time, equipment and money to get the job done. Fortunately, I’ve compiled a few tips to help make your task much easier:

  • Invest in a drop cloth

Technically, this should be done before you renovate your home. Drop cloths are designed to catch debris, dust and dirt and prevent it from falling on your floors and furniture. Once you are done renovating, you can remove the drop cloth and begin cleaning any excess dirt.

  • Invest in a lot of garbage bags

As I mentioned earlier, post-renovation cleaning is a messy job and you are guaranteed to have plenty of trash to throw out. It’s very wise to buy a decent amount of thick garbage bags so you can throw any dirt and unwanted pieces away efficiently. 

  • Pay attention to your walls

In general, walls attract dirt faster than a lot of surfaces in your home. Dust, grease, liquids…there is a lot that your walls can retain. Take the time to clean them thoroughly with a gentle cleanser and a sponge. In the event that you can’t get rid of the dirt on your walls, I recommend repainting them or investing in quality wallpaper that can be vacuumed easily when it’s dirty.

  • Don’t forget your windows

Efficient home cleaning is not complete if your windows are still dirty. Many people tend to overlook their windows and leave them unattended until they are literally sticking with dirt. Even if you cannot see any visible dirt, take the time to wipe your windows down with soapy water and a cloth. In the event that you live in an apartment on a top floor, you can call a professional cleaning service to handle the task.


Once again, post-renovation cleaning can be quite the behemoth task but, as long as you follow the tips above, you save a lot of time and effort while ensuring that your home is left squeaky clean and healthy.