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Useful cleaning tips for the New Year
11 Jan

Useful cleaning tips for the New Year

The New Year is always the best time to make life-changing resolutions. For many people, cleaning more often is quite the practical resolution but unfortunately, it can be difficult to uphold especially if you do not plan well. Below, I am going to list some useful tips to help make your New Year cleanup more efficient and less time consuming:

Making the bed early must become a regular part of your routine
Regardless of how many people live in your home, mornings tend to be very stressful, especially during the earlier weeks of the New Year when people are returning to work and school. That is why making your bed first thing in the morning is important to ensure that you get started on a clean slate.

Clean out your closet
Closets tend to be an overlooked component of any domestic cleaning job. In fact, many people have a habit of waiting until their closets are overflowing with old clothes and shoes before they do something about it. My advice is that you begin your New Year with emptying out your closet before neatly packing up those that you wish to keep and donating those that are either old or outdated. I recommend you throw away any damaged items that are beyond repair.

Clean your drains
If you don’t regularly clean out your drains, the beginning of the year is the best time to do so. There are many different products you can use for such a task but if you want something homemade, I recommend using a combination of diluted vinegar and baking soda. In the event of serious clogging, you can hire a professional local cleaning service that specialises in drain and sink cleaning to handle the job.

Enlist the help of professionals for big cleaning jobs
The New Year is a very popular time for many people to move out of their homes and offices. As expected, the amount of dirt that needs to be cleaned at such a time is quite a lot and with the added hassle of packing up and moving, it can be too much to handle. In the case of rentals, many landlords and building managers will not return your deposit if you leave the space dirty or if you damage property. That is why it is a good idea to hire the end of tenancy cleaning services to help alleviate the pressure.