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Toxic cleaning chemicals to stay away from
21 Aug

Toxic cleaning chemicals to stay away from

Toxic cleaning chemicals to stay away from

From office cleaning to end of tenancy cleaning, a lot of people prefer to invest in powerful cleaning products that can cut their cleaning time down while ensuring that all stubborn dirt is removed. While the need for efficiency is understandable, it can also mean trading in health and safety for toxic chemicals that granted, will eat dirt away quickly but, can also eat through your skin if you come into contact with them. In the long run, regular use of these chemicals can cause serious damage to surfaces and your overall health. Before you rush off to buy the toughest cleaner you can find, take note to steer clear from the following chemicals if you want to protect your home, office or health:

  • Perchloroethylene

Commonly referred to as PERC, this chemical is found in a lot of carpet cleaners and dry-cleaning products. Recently, it was branded as potentially carcinogenic and linked to health issues such as coordination loss and dizziness. There are currently several efforts in place to discontinue the use of PERC in cleaning products with many companies planning on stopping its use completely by 2023.

  • Phthalates

Many products that contain fragrance also normally contain phthalates. Unfortunately, since companies aren’t legally obliged to disclose what chemicals they use in their fragrances, there is a good chance phthalates will not be added to product labels. Phthalates can be absorbed into the skin and contribute to several internal problems if you’re exposed to them for extended periods of time. I recommend choosing products that are fragrance-free if you want to reduce your chances of being exposed to phthalates. It’s also best to avoid products that claim to have natural fragrances because once again, there is no way of telling what they actually contain.

  • Sodium Hydroxide

Commonly found in drain cleaners and oven cleaning products, sodium hydroxide is one of the most popular toxic chemicals you will encounter. It is incredibly toxic and should you inhale it, it can cause prolonged breathing problems. In general, it would probably be better to use something less toxic like baking soda or vinegar.

In truth, there are plenty of chemicals that are found in domestic cleaning and office cleaning products that are toxic for your health and environment. That is why it is always best to invest in organic products or to enlist the help of local cleaning services that use natural products.