Top cleaning scams in the spring cleaning business

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Top cleaning scams in the spring cleaning business
17 May

Top cleaning scams in the spring cleaning business

No matter where you live, spring cleaning is an important part of the year and anyone who is not a regular spring cleaner is likely to have problems with dirt and clutter building up in their home or office. Because it’s such a time and effort consuming job, many offices and domestic cleaning companies offer comprehensive spring cleaning services that are often designed to cater to their client's specific requirements. Unfortunately, many scammers also love to prey on unsuspecting customers during this busy time and some have taken to specialising in specific rip-offs that target different customers. Below is a small list of the mainspring cleaning scams you need to look out for before you waste your hard-earned money:

Domestic cleaning scammers
Perhaps the most common scam on this list, domestic cleaning is a job even the most unqualified people can pull off with relative ease. When customers are desperate to rid themselves of clutter that has built up during the winter, domestic cleaning scammers are always ready to prey on them. Many love to create fake websites with the hopes of luring in as many customers as possible who are willing to invite them into their homes. Once they’re in, they aim to locate as many valuable items as you have and steal them. Take care to avoid cleaning service companies that seem too cheap to be true or that try hard to sell over the top gimmicks and tricks. It’s also always best to avoid unrated cleaning services.

Unlicensed cleaners
If your local cleaning service does not have the necessary paperwork that includes insurance, then they’re most likely a scam. In addition to this, always take note that professionals will never ask you to pay large sum deposits and will never push you to pay in cash or share any personal details like your bank account number or passport number.

The spring cleaning business is very lucrative and competitive which unfortunately means many people will do whatever it takes to capitalise, including scamming people. As long as you do detailed research and avoid making rookie mistakes like hiring unrated businesses, you should be able to avoid being taken advantage of.