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Top 5 Reasons for Sleeping Disorders
31 May

Top 5 Reasons for Sleeping Disorders

The harder we work the more we need to relax properly. We need to wake up full of energy, focused, calm. However, for some people this is not quite possible. The reason for that are the more and more common sleeping disorders.


What are the reasons for the sleeping disorders? Why are we not sleeping deep enough? What makes us wake up tired and angry?

Dirty home environment
This sounds strange, isn’t it? How can a bit of dust or a stain to interrupt our sleep? What is the relation between the level of cleanness inside the house and the way we sleep?


  • The most popular, wide spread, modern and fast developing illness in the world is the allergies. The people all over the world, especially the one in the big cities, are allergic to many things and the dust is the most common among them.
  • A fact: the home dust contains 80% dead cells and 20% soil and other small particles. Therefore, no matter how hard you clean, where you move to live etc, the dust in your home will still exist and you will have to clean it. Otherwise, you will be breathing yourself. Unpleasant but a scientific fact.
  • The dust in the house causes asthma, does not allow you to breath easy and clear and makes you wake up tired because of the lack of oxygen. Because of that, make sure to remove as much of the dust in the room as possible, do not apply aroma, open the doors and the windows wide and allow more fresh air to come in.
  • Fact: Even the air on a crossroad is much cleaner than the one we are breathing in our homes.
  • How to sleep better?
  • The first and most important thing is the regular cleaning. Wrap your mind around the idea of cleaning twice or three times a week. This is the only way to be sure in the quality of the service. Of course, another way is to hire professionals for the job. The pro carpet and bbq cleaners on the other hand have green cleaning solutions and the experience to perform quality cleaning but this will cost you some money.

An air cleaning machine

  • The dust absorbers, the ionizers etc. Are all good solutions of the problem, so picking any of these machines will not be a mistake.


  • Of course, the reason for so many troubles these days cannot go unmentioned. The stress may cause insomnia which means terrible feel due to the lack of rest.
  • The solution:
  • Yoga, hobbies, nice people around you. All these will make you feel better and will allow you to calm down and to sleep better.


  • All sorts of noise may take the sleep away from you. You’d better change your accommodation or if that is not possible buy earplugs. You may also change the windows of your home. The modern ones will make your place spooky quite.

Hopefully with these tips you should be able to sleep better and to relax more.