Tips of doing your own end of tenancy cleaning

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Tips of doing your own end of tenancy cleaning
22 Apr

Tips of doing your own end of tenancy cleaning

Tips of doing your own end of tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is quite the demanding task that requires a lot of time, effort and efficiency to complete. It comes as no surprise that many people choose to hire a professional cleaning service to eliminate the hassle. That being said, if you are brave enough to tackle this mammoth task on your own, we recommend you keep the following tips in mind to make things easier:

  • Start with your freezer

For tenants in fully furnished homes and apartments, it is important to leave the freezer well cleaned and empty. First, make sure to switch it off before cleaning it both inside and out. I’d recommend leaving it switched off unless the tenant specifies otherwise.

  • Clean your windows

Most domestic cleaning services will make sure that your windows are thoroughly cleaned, especially on the inside. As such, if you are doing the job on your own, you should also clean them preferably with a special window cleaner that can remove all built-up dirt. In general, you should be cleaning your windows on a regular before your end of tenancy cleaning but if you’ve been a bit lazy, then a good, strong window cleaning spray should suffice. 

  • Curtains and blinds must also be cleaned

If you have blinds in your home or apartment, then they should be pretty easy to dust and wipe with a clean cloth and soapy water. Curtains, however, require more effort and if you are not up to the job, taking them to a professional cleaner is the best decision.

  • Pay attention to special buildups

From corners to taps to sinks, there are special areas in your home that are bound to collect a lot of dirt as time passes by. A lot of the times, it is because they are neglected during regular cleaning sessions. Before moving out, make sure to scour every inch of your home to find any stubborn dirt that needs to be removed. This includes mould buildup in the corners of shower floors and under drainage rims in sinks as well as limescale that usually forms on tiles and taps. A professional cleaning service would normally apply some sort of powerful chemical to clean such dirt so you might have to shop around for the best product possible.

Overall, end of tenancy cleaning can be done with the right tools, products and an efficient schedule.