Tips for cleaning your yard

Tips for cleaning your yard
25 Apr

Tips for cleaning your yard

Cleaning your home on a regular basis is very important but, so is cleaning your yard. Unfortunately, many people tend to ignore their yards for months or even years at a time which usually paves the way for weed growth, cracked driveways and so much more. While it is understandable to avoid yard cleaning because it is quite a time and energy-consuming task, there are ways to make life simpler that include:

Start by clearing fallen leaves

If you live in an area with a lot of trees, then you know that leaves falling is one of the biggest nuisances you’ll have to face when it comes to yard cleaning. Plenty of trees shed seasonally but not all will shed their leaves in the same season. As such, you have to be vigilant and clean your yard regularly if you do not want a buildup of leaves on the ground. I recommend investing in some useful tools to speed up the process like a rake, wheelbarrow, or even a powerful leaf blower.

Do not ignore weeds

Taking care of weeds as early as during springtime is key to keeping a clean yard. Weeds can become quite aggressive and the longer they are allowed to grow, the tougher they become, making it harder to pull them out. It is best to pull weeds out as soon as they start to grow or, to invest in a safe, chemical herbicide that can kill weeds for up to weeks at a time.

Mow the lawn regularly but allow the grass to grow

Mowing the lawn is helpful for keeping the grass at a decent height and maintain a more aesthetically appealing look in your yard. However, cutting grass too frequently can ruin it and make it difficult to grow over time. You need to allow the grass to recover, especially after the harsh winter weather. I recommend mowing the lawn only when the grass is over 2 inches tall. But of course, if you let the grass grow taller than 6 inches, it will be much harder to mow. For people not interested in working with real grass, there are other alternatives such as planting flower beds or creating vegetable gardens.

Cleaning your yard is not an easy task but it is necessary to maintain decent levels of grass, keep pesky weeds from growing too long and tough, and keep your yard nice and presentable.