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The complete guide to cleaning your garage
23 Nov

The complete guide to cleaning your garage

Many people understand that cleaning their house regularly is important to help maintain a clean and healthy environment. But unfortunately, not many people pay attention to their garage and the end result is a cluttered, dirty mess that is perfect for a rat or raccoon invasion. If you are one of those people and need some help to clear years worth of dirt, here is the ultimate guide to cleaning out your garage:

Start by clearing out the garage completely
You have to begin by clearing out your garage before you can start cleaning. There is no secret formula to this. Just choose a starting point and put everything in the driveway or backyard and start by sorting through all of the junk. Once you’ve figured out what you want to keep, separate it from everything else and throw the rest away. The key tip is to discard anything you haven’t used in over a year and that you have no intentions of using in the next six months. As for the junk, either throw away in the trash or donate or sell it if it’s not completely useless. If you have too much stuff to throw away, consider renting a truck to transport the junk to an appropriate dumping site.

Clean your garage before returning anything inside
Deep cleaning your garage is the best way to clear any built-up dirt, dust, and germs before you return the stuff you’ve taken out. In general, if you want to move as quickly as possible, start at the very top of any shelves and work your way down to the floor. Do not neglect the floor or walls when you are cleaning because they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt as well. For a thorough floor cleaning, turn on your hose and spray the ground with cold water before letting it dry for a few hours.

Call a professional if you don’t want to do the work
Whether you’re too lazy or too busy to clean the garage, that’s no excuse to ignore dirt build-up. Instead, call your local cleaning services and pay professionals to clean out the dirt and declutter on your behalf. Of course, you might need to pay quite a bit if the garage is particularly dirty but, if you can afford it, why not?