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The advantages of hiring a local cleaning service
20 Jul

The advantages of hiring a local cleaning service

The advantages of hiring a local cleaning service

When it comes to hiring a good cleaning service, many people opt for chain services over local cleaning services. The biggest appeal of any chain business is its brand name. Many people flock to familiar names and only after they have invested their money, do they realise that popular isn’t always best. The bottom line is, a lot of chain businesses sell services that they won’t always deliver but their popularity is almost never at risk because of their names, marketing strategies and affiliations. If, however, you are not yet sold on investing in your local cleaning services, it’s worth remembering that local businesses have several advantages that include the following:

1- Smaller companies care more

It’s very likely that a small domestic cleaning company values every customer that it can get and will do its best to ensure that they leave satisfied. Unlike chain brands that aren’t always invested in good customer care, a lot of local services take the time to make sure that all of your requests are noted and taken care of. In addition to this, having a smaller clientele gives businesses more time to clean thoroughly, unlike bigger companies that sometimes become more obsessed with quantity rather than quality.

2- Local businesses are insured

Despite being linked to popular brand names, chain services don't always bother with insurance and so should they damage your property, you will have no choice but to pay for it yourself or seek out legal advice. Small, local businesses are almost always insured and they take the extra step in ensuring that their cleaners handle even delicate office cleaning jobs with care.

3- They are cheaper

Here in London, cleaning services that are not part of a chain tend to offer cheaper services and better discounts. This is largely because they are always trying to attract as many customers are possible. If you need a big job done like spring cleaning or even end of tenancy cleaning services, for example, saving money is a top priority. It makes sense to invest in a local cleaning service so you can work within your set budget.

Investing in local cleaning services is a smart move if you are someone who enjoys working with a company that cares about its customers and values quality service. There are plenty of local London based cleaning services that I strongly recommend you try out before you dial up an expensive chain company.