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Successful marketing ideas every cleaning business needs to adopt
17 Jan

Successful marketing ideas every cleaning business needs to adopt

With the nightmare that has been 2020 now a thing of the past, many businesses are looking towards 2021 to be a redeeming year. Here in London, cleaning services are hoping to take advantage of the ongoing pandemic to attract more customers. If you own a cleaning company, then you need to adopt a good marketing strategy that includes the following ideas:

Start offering holiday-themed cleaning services
From Easter to Christmas and Hanukkah, there are plenty of special dates throughout the year when people are bound to get together and celebrate. For many people, these are stressful times that involve a lot of preparation and messy post-event cleanups. If you want to attract more customers, start offering special packages for the holiday season. Whether its customized preparation for office parties or detailed carpet cleaning after each major holiday, there are plenty of opportunities to capitalize on busy seasons.

Include discounts in your special packages
Here’s the thing…..You have the rest of the year to charge your normal prices, so why not try something different during the holidays? If you want to really sell your packages to potential clients, offer reasonable discounts for all holiday packages and add in bonus features like free carpet cleaning for every detailed office cleaning job or complimentary sanitizers with each domestic cleaning service. It might seem simple but customers will definitely appreciate such thoughtful gestures, especially during a holiday like Christmas when everyone is being more generous than usual.

Pay attention to the world around you
Ignoring the current pandemic, especially as a cleaning business, is not going to do you any favors. Many people have become extra conscious about their health and they want to ensure that any business they work with is taking the necessary precautions and paying attention to the world around them. When you are marketing your cleaning company, take the time to assure your clients that you are being responsible during these times even if it means offering a detailed breakdown of your sanitizing routine or showing pictures of your cleaners in full and secure protective gear. This is especially important if you plan to market your local cleaning services to hospitals, schools, or elderly care homes. In addition to this, include details for social media pages or customer care hotlines that people can use to ask any questions or make complaints if they are not satisfied with your company.