Savvy trends to boost your cleaning service in 2020

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Savvy trends to boost your cleaning service in 2020
9 Jun

Savvy trends to boost your cleaning service in 2020

Savvy trends to boost your cleaning service in 2020

In the past 3 years, online marketing has become very popular with global giants like Google and Facebook becoming the go-to platforms for businesses to build their brands. While being tech-savvy to boost your business is not something new, 2020 is the year to revisit the roots of business and start making smarter moves to get better connected with a diverse clientele. With that in mind, here is a list of the top trends you should consider adopting if you want to better your cleaning service business.

  • Improve your general reachability

Making it easier for customers to get in touch with you is one key step to boosting your business. 2020 is the year to build a stronger presence online and to make communication between your cleaning service and customers as smooth and efficient as possible. Instead of handing out pamphlets or relying heavily on the calling system, create a website that details all of your services and prices as well as an online booking system where customers can detail their requirements. If you are efficient enough, customers can even make online payments and get digital receipts via email.

  • Reassess and improve your hiring system

This trend is not necessary if you feel you already have an efficient cleaning service team. However, for businesses that are looking to change things up, it’s important to rethink your hiring system and determine whether you are doing your best to hire the most qualified candidates or you need to make drastic changes.

  • Interact with your local community

Regardless of whether you are a small cleaning company or a larger organisation, interacting with potential customers is always a good idea if you want a better business. You should consider finding local company showcases and events that invite businesses to show off their products and services to people. Being invited to showcase your cleaning service is the perfect opportunity to give live demonstrations of the tools you will be using to clean and how efficient they are in addition to promoting new cleaning products as well. 

2020 has started off on an unpredictable note but by adopting the above-mentioned trends for your business, you have a great chance of not only retaining older clients but also, reaching out to potential customers.