Mistakes to avoid when cleaning for the summer

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Mistakes to avoid when cleaning for the summer
8 Oct

Mistakes to avoid when cleaning for the summer

Mistakes to avoid when cleaning for the summer

Everyone needs to clean out their house for the summer and there is no going around that. In general, efficient summer cleaning is fairly simple but there is always room to make costly mistakes. Luckily for you, I have compiled a shortlist of things to avoid doing when you are summer cleaning your home:

1- Starting from the bottom then going up

If you are cleaning your home starting from the bottom, you should stop immediately. Cleaning your floors first is counterproductive because once you begin cleaning fans, ceilings and other above-ground surfaces, you will be knocking more dirt and dust back onto the clean floors. My advice is to start upwards and work your way down.

2-Cleaning haphazardly

One of the worst things you can do when you are summer cleaning is to clean haphazardly. By this, I mean cleaning without a plan. All this does is cause confusion and in the end, you waste time and cleaning products.

3- Mixing the wrong products together

In general, unless you are working with safe, eco-friendly cleaning products like lemon and water, I recommend leaving the chemical experiments to professionals. We are generally clueless about the chemicals in our cleaning products and as such, it’s always best not to mix 2 different products together. The last thing you want is to create a toxic product that puts your or your family and pets at risk.

4- Using the wrong products for the wrong job

This is pretty self-explanatory. Before you clean out your home for the summer, do your research and determine which products work best for each surface. While most dirt comes off with basic soaps, other stains require tougher chemicals and using a basic water-soap mixture won’t help.

5- Not swapping cleaning utensils

General cleaning can be quite the messy job and as you progress, your utensils are likely to become filthy and germ-ridden. The same applies to clean for the summer. If you want to avoid spreading dirt and germs all over your home, I recommend swapping out utensils such as sponges and cleaning rags. It’s also best to empty your vacuum cleaner regularly to avoid collecting dust.

As long as you follow my tips, you should be able to clean your home efficiently and safely without putting your health at risk or spreading more dirt on top of pre-existing dirt.