How to tell if a cleaning service company is fake

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How to tell if a cleaning service company is fake
17 Feb

How to tell if a cleaning service company is fake

In this new decade, people have become more conscious of good health and hygiene and as such, the cleaning business is more popular than ever. While there are many legitimate and professional companies, both big and small, there are also plenty of fake businesses looking to make a quick buck. Before you rush to invest in a local cleaning service, here are a few tips to help you spot fake services and scammers:

They don’t have a website or any social media platform
In all honesty, not every business is tech savvy and many companies are yet to expand their brand to platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. However, the average professional cleaning company should have, at the very least, a detailed website that explains what services they offer, what their main location is and how they can be contacted. Failure to provide such basic information online is usually a clear-cut sign that the company is probably fake.

They are slow to respond to emails and other forms of communication
Here in London, cleaning services offer several means of contacting them from email addresses to social media profiles and multiple phone numbers. The purpose of providing multiple details is to give customers options and ensure that they can always reach the company during working hours. A business that is not legitimate will likely not respond to your phone calls or might change key contact details way too often without communicating efficiently with customers.

They push for cash payments or large sum deposits before the job
Whether it be a domestic cleaning company or end of tenancy cleaning services, no professional company will pressure clients to pay in cash upfront. They also would never ask that you pay a huge deposit before the job is complete. A business that is looking to scam you out of money, however, will always prioritise money and will always try to make you pay before they have even finalised the details of the job.

They are secretive about details like insurance A fake cleaning company will most probably not have any form of insurance. They also tend to have basic contracts that don’t specify exactly what services they offer and will be very secretive about such important information. At the end of the day, if a company is not transparent, they are probably not worth the investment.