How to keep your house clean while remodelling

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How to keep your house clean while remodelling
4 Nov

How to keep your house clean while remodelling

How to keep your house clean while remodelling

From time to time, you might need to remodel parts of your home or even the entire house. Regardless, remodelling means changing your entire routine and dealing with a bit of chaos until the project is complete.

  • Clean during the remodelling

Home remodelling is an ongoing process that can last for weeks, maybe even months and until everything is completed, you are going to have dirt build up in your home on a daily basis. The best solution is to clean regularly to ease the build-up. Regular house cleaning also helps to keep the air clean and healthy, especially if you pair it with a good quality air purifier.

  • Clear the area of construction as much as possible

Remodelling tends to leave every surface dirty and your furniture is not an exception. Before remodelling, it’s wise to clear the room out and take away any pieces that are not important. Things like paintings, sofas or decorative pieces that won’t need to be used during remodelling are a perfect example of things you can clear out.

  • Cover your working surface and extra furniture

During construction, you can use a sheet to cover off the area you are remodelling so that no dirt flies onto the floor or on valuable pieces of furniture. If you can’t find the proper vinyl sheets to use, you can take some old sheets and dispose of them once you are done remodelling.

  • Keep the area of construction clean

It’s common for many construction workers to clear their own working area after every shift but, in the event that they don’t, I suggest you clean the area immediately. Whether it be picking up broken wooden chips, leftover tools or replacing the coverings, it’s important to keep the working space clean to ensure that no dirt is carried on into the rest of your house.


Cleaning while remodelling is not an easy task and many people tend to leave it until after the project is completed. However, it’s best to clean as often as possible while remodelling and to take the necessary measures to ensure that you’re not left with a mountain of dirt to clear.