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How to clean your home in preparation for the summer
31 May

How to clean your home in preparation for the summer

With the cold nights, stuffy days indoors, and muddy floors on hold for the next few months, it’s time to clean your home and prepare for the summer. Unfortunately, winter is not always kind to many homes and chances are, you have a lot of work to do before you can sit back and enjoy the warmer weather. To help you out, I’ve compiled yet another list of useful cleaning tips for the summer:

Start by prepping your AC unit
Here in London, summers can get quite hot which means it’s time to get your AC up and running to keep things cool. To start off, change your unit’s filter and remove any dust, debris, and dirt that might be clogged inside. Once you’ve cleaned the filter, turn the unit on and let it work for at least an hour to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Take the time to get rid of all clutter
From extra clothes and blankets to holiday ornaments and decorations you still haven’t taken down, there is a lot that needs to either be disposed of, sold, donated, or stored away before the summer begins. In the event that you are keeping certain items, you can always bring them back out when the weather gets colder again.

Stay prepared for incoming pests
As fun as summer can be, it also brings plenty of pests like mosquitos and ants. When you are doing your pre-summer domestic cleaning, take the time to target pest-prone areas and seal up as many as you can to keep out unwanted creatures. You might also want to invest in a good pest repellant to help you manage them during the summer. For homeowners with severe pest problems, hiring a professional cleaning service or pest control is always advised to ensure you are not swarmed during the hot season.

Depending on how dirty your home is, preparing for the summer can take time and plenty of effort. If you feel overwhelmed even with the tips I have provided, you can always invest in a good professional cleaning company. At the end of the day, all that matters is that your home is clean, properly ventilated, and pest-free for the summer.