Handy tips for spring cleaning as a parent

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Handy tips for spring cleaning as a parent
9 Jul

Handy tips for spring cleaning as a parent

Handy tips for spring cleaning as a parent

Spring cleaning takes up a lot of time and energy but when you are a parent, it can be almost impossible to finish the job without constant interruptions. If you have little ones, spring cleaning is a task and a half and it’s no surprise many people skip it altogether. Below, we have rounded up a few top tips to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently even if your kids keep interrupting you:

  • Take care of the laundry first

Small children are quite messy at times and their clothes are bound to get stained a lot. Before tackling any other area in your home, we recommend doing laundry first as it is faster and easier. Spray stains with soapy dishwater and rub the clothing item before machine washing it. If you hand wash your clothes, it’s a wise idea to soak them for a few minutes to make cleaning them faster and easier.

  • Use faster and more efficient tools

From sponges to vacuum cleaners and washing machines, there are plenty of tools that you can use to clean your home. While regular house cleaning can be done with a few clothes, sponges and maybe a broom to sweep up, we recommend using a good vacuum cleaner for a deeper and faster clean. Most vacuums can multitask and come with various attachments ranging from cleaner carpet cleaning attachments to even floor a polishing attachment.

  • Tackle odour with air fresheners and filters

To keep your home smelling fresh, clean and healthy, we recommend buying an air filter which will suck up the dirt and allergens in the air. Pair this up with an air freshener for some fragrance. If sprays are too pricey or not effective enough, you can try other options such as a reed diffuser but, always remember to keep it in the area where your little ones can’t reach it.

  • Call for help

If you really do not have time for DIY spring cleaning, you can always find a fantastic cleaning service to get the job done. There are plenty of companies that offer quality domestic cleaning in London at reasonable rates.

Spring cleaning is harder to do when you have small children but, with good planning or even professional assistance, it can be done thoroughly and effectively.