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Efficient deep cleaning for the winter season
6 Feb

Efficient deep cleaning for the winter season

Efficient deep cleaning for the winter season

It’s common for many people to deep clean their house before the spring season but, I believe that winter cleaning is just as important. The winter season is also a busy holiday season and what better way to kick start it than by deep cleaning your home? IF you need some assistance, here are a few things you should remember for a more efficient deep clean:

Clean air is important

Changing air filters regularly is recommended to ensure that the air in your home remains clean and healthy all year round. Clean your filters every 3-4 months and wash all ventilators with hot, soapy water to remove sticky dust particles.

Clear out unnecessary junk

Winter is a time when most people spend their time indoors and as a result, a lot of junk buildups in the house. As such, it’s best to clear our the old junk before it gets very cold so that as you accumulate more stuff, it does not overcrowd your house. The most effective decluttering method that I can recommend is going from room to room, cleaning out anything you have no use for.

Pay special attention to the kitchen

From making soups to fixing up a big festive dinner, your kitchen is a busy place during winter. At the beginning of the season, set aside time to deep clean your kitchen, starting out by emptying drawers and cabinets before cleaning the counters, walls, floor and so forth. It’s also a good idea to clean out your refrigerator because it will fill up as the season progresses. Throughout the season, pay attention to any items in your fridge that are going bad and clear them out as soon as possible before restocking with fresh foods.

Include steam in your cleaning regimen

While vacuuming is an effective way of removing surface dirt from your couches, carpets and furniture, it doesn’t quite count as deep cleaning. Sure, many vacuum cleaners are advertised as deep cleaning but, the reality is vacuuming simply removes surface dirt and prevents buildups. If you really want to clean your house thoroughly for the winter season, I recommend using a steamer to target hidden dirt and refresh your home and furniture. 

Keeping your house clean for the winter is quite simple, provided you pay attention to how you approach it and what methods and equipment you use. You can always enlist a professional cleaning service if you need extra help.