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Domestic cleaning hacks for lazy people
30 Apr

Domestic cleaning hacks for lazy people

Domestic cleaning hacks for lazy people

Let’s be honest, not many people can say they thoroughly enjoy cleaning. Not only does it get you dirty but, it also feels like it never ends at times and working with dust, chemicals and grime is never fun. Unfortunately, cleaning is a necessary part of life and leaving your home uncleaned for too long can be very toxic for your health. If you are one of those people who needs to clean but is too lazy, here are a few life hacks to make the job more bearable:

  • When you can, skip the scrubbing

One of the most tedious aspects of domestic cleaning has to be scrubbing. From floors to showers and tubs, there are a handful of areas in your home that need a good scrub. The solution to this problem is spraying a good cleaning product that eats the dirt for you. Most require spraying and leaving them on the surface you are cleaning for a few minutes before wiping with a clean, damp cloth. At most, you might need to give a gentle scrub if the dirt is extra stubborn but most quality sprays eliminate scrubbing altogether.

  • Vinegar is a lifesaver

Although not as strong as a conventional spray, vinegar is quite a powerful cleaning product that can be used to clean various things ranging from hard water stains to the inside of your coffee maker. Just take care to dilute it in water as it can be very strong. This holds true for other natural cleaning products like lemon and baking soda. Speaking of baking soda…..

  • Consider using baking soda to disinfect your home

Instead of installing expensive and troublesome air filters or buying fancy cleaners that require a lot of effort to operate, you can use diluted baking soda to clean stains and freshen up your air. For stains, you use it the same way you use vinegar and cleaning sprays and to eliminate odours, you can put diluted baking soda in a spray bottle before spritzing in the air. You can also dust surfaces like sofas with pure baking soda and leave it overnight or for an hour or two before vacuuming the residue.

Cleaning is quite a troublesome chore especially when you are not feeling up to it but with the above-mentioned hacks, your job should be much easier and efficient.