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Cleaning service emergency tips
9 Mar

Cleaning service emergency tips

In general, both office cleaning and domestic cleaning jobs go by relatively smoothly and many companies mainly deal with the usual headaches such as difficult customers or slight time delays. But, from time to time, emergencies happen and when they do, it’s always best to be prepared to avoid injury, death or serious damage to property. To help you stay prepared, here are a few cleaning service emergency tips to keep in mind:

Unexpected power cuts
Power cuts can happen for multiple reasons but when they do, they are inconvenient and can lead to valuable time and money being wasted. A good tip for many cleaning companies is to invest in a small generator that can be used to power cleaning tools should the power be cut. It’s also advisable to clean during the day so that you can use the sun as lighting if the office or home lights are turned off suddenly.

Natural disasters
Here in London, many cleaning services stay well prepared for any potential natural disasters. Unfortunately, nature is unpredictable and even the best companies are never fully prepared for disasters like tsunamis, wildfire outbreaks or major earthquakes. As a general rule, it is important to train your workers how to handle a natural disaster as calmly as possible. More importantly, they should never try to fix anything or save any equipment during an emergency. In fact, it is best to find the nearest possible exist and get to safety as soon as possible, especially in cases of fire outbreaks.

Unexpected health issues
As an employer, you should never force your workers to come to work when they are sick, especially if you run a local cleaning service company. The last thing you want is to spread more germs when you are trying to clean up. That being said, it is possible that even employees who seem well may encounter sudden health problems like choking, fainting or heart attacks. In this case, it’s important to intervene and call emergency services immediately. Some CPR training can prove useful for emergencies like choking or fainting that require fast action.

There are plenty of emergencies that can happen during a cleaning job. In general, with some good training and detailed preparation, you should be able to avoid any injuries or fatalities.