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Cleaning Service Contract Writing for Beginners
4 Dec

Cleaning Service Contract Writing for Beginners

Cleaning Service Contract Writing for Beginners

If you are starting out in the cleaning service industry, it’s in your best interest to work with contracts that set the terms of your job out clearly. Contracts are a great way to ensure that you receive your payments on time while also eliminating any other misunderstandings that might arise during cleaning jobs. If you need some assistance getting started, here are a few steps to get you on the right track:

  • Make sure all contact details are included in your contract

This is a key step to make sure that your clients can contact you at anytime without any hassles. I also recommend adding any license numbers for any vehicles you use as part of your cleaning service company to show people that you are indeed registered and professional. Doing all of this is a great way to build strong, trustworthy relationships with your clients.

  • Compile and add a complete list of all services provided by your company

It’s important to create an extended checklist of services that your company provides so that clients can check off as the job progresses. In the event that there is a dispute of incomplete or unsatisfactory jobs, you can always refer to the contract to clear up any misunderstandings. Make sure to include a clear schedule mapping out each job as well.

  • Include a billing/contract number

This is so you can keep tabs on all of your clients and jobs effectively.

  • Detail all payment details clearly

Besides the job itself, a key component of any cleaning job is the payment. Whether you choose to have clients pay a deposit before cleaning and the remainder after the job, it is tantamount that you detail everything clearly in your contract to avoid any conflict. You should also include details concerning payment options or methods that you accept.

  • Leave a space for signatures

An unsigned contract is worthless and in the event that you end up in court after a dispute, your case might not be taken seriously. Always remember to sign every contract issued and ensure that your clients sign them as well.

As always, you can modify your contracts according to your specific company needs but in general, the above steps should guide you to clear and professional working partnerships with your clients.