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5 Things to Clean Before the Christams Holidays
14 Dec

5 Things to Clean Before the Christams Holidays

While some people choose to go on vacation for the Christmas holidays, many people enjoy spending time at home with their families. If you are one of those people, then you probably have a lot of cleaning to do before the festive times. Before you get started, here are 5 things you need to remember to clean:

Clean your carpets
One of the most important aspects of Christmas cleaning is taking care of the carpets. Because of the cold weather, many people spend more time indoors and nothing ruins the festive mood faster than a dusty and dirty carpet. To make life easier, I suggest you call a professional carpet cleaning service for a good deep cleaning.

Prep the closets and guest rooms
If you plan on inviting family and friends over for the Christmas holiday, it is best to clean up your closets and bedrooms. Since many people will be bringing jackets, suitcases, and bags, they will need a clean space to store them. Start by decluttering everything and run a powerful vacuum through each room and closet to get rid of dust. Do not forget to change the linen and prepare pillows so your guests can sleep comfortably.

Pay attention to cobwebs
Cobwebs tend to collect on Christmas decorations over the year, as does dust. As part of your Christmas cleaning, go around the house dusting every corner, ceiling, floor, decoration, and so forth.

Clean all toilets and bathrooms
Bathrooms and toilets are extra busy when you have company. This is why they should be cleaned thoroughly not only before people come over, but throughout their entire stay. For a stress-free holiday, cleaning should be done daily to ensure that each space stays fresh and comfortable for people to use.

Deep clean the kitchen
Much like the bathrooms and toilets, the kitchen is a very busy place during the holidays. While Christmas meals are delicious, they also mean more dishes and more dirt buildup in the kitchen. To get started, clean all necessary utensils and scrub ovens and cooking surfaces so food is prepared in a clean space. You can then follow up with routine cleanups throughout the holidays so you don’t have a huge mess to deal with when everyone is gone.