Regular Domestic Cleaning

Regular Domestic Cleaning Provides Comfort You Deserve

After a long day at work, you deserve to return to a clean, tidy house or flat that smells fresh. London Clean Professionals runs a regular domestic cleaning service that turns your property into a home where you feel welcome and comfortable. Not everyone has the time and energy to clean, dust, laundry, iron and vacuum. That’s why you need a cleaner that knows how to treat your home with the due respect and care. This service is ideal for clients with demanding careers and frequent travelers.


Our Service – Convenient, Flexible, Safe


London Clean Professionals hires experienced domestic cleaners, who know their way around every stain and every surface. We vet every employee and you receive reassurance the cleaner is going to touch the objects only specified by you. If you’re unable to greet your cleaner in person, you can issue a house key that will be used only for cleaning appointments. We take responsibility for the key should it become lost.



As far as appointments go, you’re in full charge. We accommodate all scheduling options from weekly to bi-weekly and monthly visits. You’ve the option to reschedule appointments with at least a 24-hour notice.

Expect Thorough Cleaning in Every Room

You specify what your priorities are for each appointment, but in general your regular cleaner can perform any task you need them to. In bathrooms, we clean mirrors, wash shower cabins, polish metal fixture, degrout tiles, mop and dry floors, wipe down doors and wall switches. You can expect the same dedicated to detail in the kitchen. In addition to cleaning cupboards, sink and appliances including your toaster and kettle, we also throw out your rubbish, run the dishwashing machine and clean out your bin before putting in a new rubbish bag.


Housekeeping Taken to a New Level

London Clean Professionals knows that the small things are what make you feel at ease in your home and it’s what your domestic cleaner takes on. If fallen leaves have piled at your front door, we swipe them away. We dust skirting boards and clean your fridge on the inside and outside. Have laundry that needs doing? We wash bedding and clothes and then iron and fold them in a neat stack.


Your regular domestic cleaner is only a call away. The surest way to reach London Clean Professionals is at 07859434892 or at!